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PCs and Networks


Our hardware objective is to sell quality built PCs and components . . . we do not sell the least expensive because we believe "you get what you pay for", and because we do not want to spend our time fixing hardware that should not have to be fixed.  But for those times when the hardware does fail we want a good supplier that helps us determine the problem and get a solution to our customer quickly . . . that's a big reason why we have been selling PCs manufactured by Infotel Distributing (now part of Systemax) since the early 1990s.

Some other reasons are:

bulletuse quality, industry common components (no special parts)
bulletprovide excellent, personal, sales and  technical support to us as a dealer
bulletprovide custom Systemax PC configurations
bulletare located in Ohio resulting in next day deliveries for PCs and warranty parts
bulletprovide a 3 year All Parts and 5 year CPU & Memory System Warranty (One Year Limited + Four-Two Year Extension)
bulletprovide a on-line Support Center
bulletprovide "hot swap" warranty parts for next day service


Our networking objective is to design and implement network configurations that meet the customer's business needs with a minimum of cost and "time sequenced" to grow as the customer's needs grow.  Our Small Business customers usually need only file/print sharing and have minimal security concerns so we use peer-to-peer networks to reduce cost and network administration efforts. The break point is 10 workstations . . . networks with greater than 10 PCs should be server based instead of peer-to-peer.

Click on the links below to see sample Network Diagrams in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Peer-to-Peer 10 PCs with Centralized Files, DB Application, and Broadband Internet

Peer-to-Peer Multiple Fiber-Linked Building with DB Application, and Broadband Internet


We are currently investigating two areas.

bulletMicrosoft Office System 2003 because this is the next Microsoft network product, and 
bulletLinux and Open Source because this is already a viable alternative to Windows Server and we believe it will soon be a viable desktop alternative to Microsoft.


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