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The following are some of our opinions about various aspects of Information Technology.

The Internet . . . its so much easier than the old Bulletin Boards but its also like a "liberty port" for sailors ... you have to be careful where you go.

"MS Access is not a real database" . . . maybe, but is the easiest software development product I have used to quickly construct applications for users, yet powerful enough, especially with VBA, to fulfill their business needs for a responsive, multiuser database on a LAN.  I have also developed MS Access databases as a working prototype of a to-be-developed enterprise system . . . prototype usage is what flushes out the "oh, I forgot about that" user requirements. My first sit-down session with a User can be at a PC . . . as they describe what they want I can be creating the initial application on-line . . . they can see what I am doing. That helps the design process. 

Windows XP Pro. . . we finally have a (nearly) stable Windows operating system but I wish Microsoft would quit thinking they are like car manufacturers that have to change the appearance every time a new model comes out.

Linux . . . will become more popular when business becomes comfortable with the "open environment" method of providing IT solutions . . . and its good for us that Microsoft has competition!

COBOL . . . yep, its still around . . . and still running on the mainframes!

FORTRAN . . . yep, its also still around . . . it did not disappear when IBM introduced PL/1 (PL what?)

VB . . . yes, I like Visual Basic, especially VBA, because it is easy to use yet powerful.  I can write code that is easily readable . . . even to the point that I have walked customers through changes by phone!

5 GHz PCs . . . no, they do not exist yet but I am sure they will soon . . . but I find most Small Business customers can do their office work with as little as a 500 Mhz PC . . . but with 256 Mb memory, a fast Hard Drive, and a decent Video Card.

Today's PC Configuration . . . for today's office work is typically about a 2 GHz P4 with 256 Mb DDR SDRAM (in one stick so you can expand without throwing out memory), a 7200 RPM IDE Hard Disk Drive, at least a 32 Mb AGP Video Card, a CD-RW (they are cheap enough now), and a 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive (yes, we still do use them Dell).

Small Business Networks . . . for small businesses are typically peer-to-peer because that's all you need to share printers and files.  No need to confuse the customer with Domains, Group Policies, etc. if there is no need to, especially where there are minimal security needs and cost is a big concern.


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