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Favorite Links

The following are links to some of our favorite Information Technology Web Sites

bulletPC and Networking Hardware from Infotel Distributimg, a division of Systemax
bulletDownloads and problem solving from the KnowledgeBase at Microsoft Support
bulletGood explanations of the PC and BIOS settings at The PC Guide
bulletInternet Security from Gibson Research Corporation
bulletGreat User training books from Maran Graphics
bulletEasy to understand explanations of technical (and other) subjects at HowStuffWorks
bulletfor example: the Internet, Routers, Firewalls, DSL, PCs, etc.

The following are links to some of our favorite other sites

bulleta young man's character building at Greater Cleveland Boy Scouts of America
bulleta great high adventure at Tinnerman Wilderness Canoe Base on the French River in Ontario Canada
bulletanother great high adventure at Philmont Scout Ranch with 100,000 acres in NE New Mexico
bulleta great naval services organization the U.S. Naval Institute
bulletspent a year at the U.S. Naval Academy
bulletearned a B.S. and M.S. (Physics) at John Carroll University
bulleta great hobby organization at the American Radio Relay League
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