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Timesheets are an absolute necessity to any managed project.

Timesheets are NOT simply a list of Task and Hours spent! A Timesheets is a document with a very fixed format for describing the work an individual has done on a Project.

Some of the key aspects of the timesheet are:

bulletdone weekly
bulletone page per week per person
bulletidentifies specific Tasks worked on
bulletshows Actual Hours and Estimated Remaining Hours by Task
bulletcontains a very short description of what was done, with key words like "started", "continued", and "completed"

Many organizations have "Time Reporting" but not "Timesheets". "Time Reporting" lists the actual hours a person has spent on a given task. "Timesheets" contain not only the Actual Hours but also a brief description with keywords like "started", "completed", and "issues encountered". It has been my experience that a short training session is required to train the staff in the skill of writing short descriptions of their work for the week (it has to all fit on one page!) and to establish the guidelines for estimating their Task Remaining Hours. I have found that there is a learning curve the PM and Staff go through on every Project before the process becomes accurate.

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