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The Project Control Group

For small Projects, the "Project Control Group" is usually just the PM and the Customer/Client.

For large Projects, the "Project Control Group" can include up to about a dozen people . . . but they must all key Decision Makers.

The objective of the Control Group is to keep control over the Project.  How do they do this? They are the forum that provides solutions to Project problems. That's why it is limited to Decision Makers (or their designated representatives with authority to make decisions).

The Control Group is formally defined in writing with specific member's names listed, an Agenda, Minutes and Assignments kept, regularly scheduled Meetings, and all documents published.

Discussions are kept to the identification of any problems impeding the progress of the Project and resolution of those problems. Here the trick is not to let it become a "committee design session". If there is design to be done that should be a Project Task and be done by Project Personnel, not by the Control Group.

The results of those discussions are Assignments that are defined in writing, each with one specific person's name responsible for getting the Assignment complete and with a specific Completion Date.

The Agenda is nearly the same for all Projects and includes:

bulletReview of the Previous Meeting Minutes
bulletCurrent Project Status Summary Review
bulletReview of Assignments, especially those currently due to be completed
bulletWrapup Summary of New Issues and Assignments Identified
bulletNext Meeting Date, Time, and Place

There are two key positions in the Control Group: the Chairperson and the Secretary.

The Control Group Chair must always be the Customer/Client or their designated representative. The key quality of this person is that they are in a position of authority and can make decisions.

The other key position is the Secretary. This person is always (no exceptions!) the Project Manager. This is the person that: 1) writes the Minutes, and 2) maintains the Assignments Sheet. 

The Chair and the Secretary are they keys to maintaining control over the project. The Control Group is the problem resolving body that is controlled by these two persons.

Samples of these various elements will be put here in the near future.

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